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Decorah Kawasaki Suzuki is your Lehman and Motor-Trike dealer! Turn-around time on a trike conversion varies depeding on
the kit and availability.  Average, however, is roughly 4 weeks.  Lehman Trikes and Motor-Trike offer many accessories and bolt
on items to fit individual styles.
Discuss your conversion options today!
Decorah Kawasaki/Suzuki Sports Center Built Trikes:
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1001 SHORT ST. DECORAH, IA 52101                                                                 Ph: 563.382.7995        Toll Free: 866.382.7995
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Where to find us
Phone: 563-382-7995  
Fax: 563-382-3126
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1001 Short St.
Decorah, IA 52101
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